Western Printers offers onsite digital printing services that includes Digital Colour and Black and White Production Presses as well as a variety of finishing equipment.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing Technology can accurately produce thousands of copies in a short time at very high resolution. Achieving a high quality finish, with striking effects and colour reproduction, our Digital Printing Technology is ideal for short order runs and very efficient for sorting and collating with quick turnaround times. 

Benefits of Digital Printing:

  • Jobs can be produced within a quick timeframe.
  • Digital printing is cost effective
  • Digital printing allows us to produce smaller runs to test and approve a sample, which lets you be sure of your marketing before you print thousands of copies
  • Digital printing helps the environment as it reduces wastage. There is minimal paper lost on setting up and we only print what is needed.
  • Artwork has to go through far less scrutiny with digital machines as they are much more accurate.
  • Every item can be personalized as each sheet printed is an original.
  • Digital printing saves the potentially costly effect of having thousands of items produced only to find out that the information is out of date. By only printing what you need when you need it (on demand) we can alter every run if needed. There’s no need to store thousands of manuals or brochures, we can print the exact number when as and when they are required.

Print Quality and Colour Options

  • Standard Black and WhiteStandard black & white printing for novels, memoirs, and other text-heavy books.
    • Standard ColourIf your book is predominantly text but has a few color images, standard color is the right option for you.
      • Premium Black and WhiteHeavy ink coverage great for books with black & white images, graphs, or other graphics.
        • Premium Colour
          The best color printing on every page with rich colors and heavy ink coverage.

        Large Format Printing


        When you need large format printing we can print beyond your standard A3. Western Printers offers outstanding large format printing options for your business. These include posters, banners, corex boards and vinyl. We also print on canvas, wall paper, textiles and more!